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Hello, my name is Bob Arnett. I was born in Indiana, but lived in Florida, Maryland and Virginia, all by the time I was ten. Then our family made the decision to relocate to California, where I grew up on the South Central Coast. I graduated from San Francisco State College in 1972, with a degree in Physical Education.

As fate would have it, I went into the restaurant business, a career that spanned almost 25 years. During the course of those years, I managed restaurants in San Francisco, Oakland, LA, Kauai, Maui, New Port Beach Dallas, Fort Worth, Pismo Beach, Santa Maria, and Santa Barbara. I've overseen parties for President Bush at the White House, Mary Kay Ashe, Ross Perot, Prince Ranier and numerous others.

I have two terrific sons, of whom I am extremely proud. They were both born on Islands (a little trivia). I am also blessed with two incredible parents, Bill and Dottie, who were a solid source of moral support and love throughout my life. I have two brothers Bill and Brad with wonderful families. In 1998 I met a lady named Sybil and we fell in love and I was re-married in 2001. All in all, I have been truly blessed, as my life has been completely full of living, and the years, well spent. I am very appreciative of my time thus far.

I have always had this desire to work with people, with hopes of directing them toward developing healthier lifestyles. And a healthier lifestyle entails addressing both the mind and the body, and providing activities that enable both to thrive. To meet this challenge has been my dream for many years. As a college student, I elected to be a PE teacher, as opposed to a coach. This was because I had the feeling that if you were not an athlete you were not treated as well, thus, motivation for the average guy to understand the importance of health and activity in his daily life was not developed. Although life led me to a successful career in the restaurant business, rather than to a teaching position, my background and training greatly influenced my philosophy and the manner with which I approached my businesses, as well my employees. I have always understood that EVERYONE is due respect in the big picture. I ended up with many successful restaurants and, more importantly, a great many friends.

My greatest strength lies in developing teams of people working together, because they choose to, rather than being required to. This was--and remains--incredibly satisfying for me. However, I still have that push in me to work with the average person to develop a stronger, healthier mind & body relationship, the kind that can withstand life challenges.

My Walkablock Program first started in Fort Worth, TX., where I wrote a walking and exercise program to get myself back into shape, after years of neglecting my own health by not including in my daily life those healthy habits necessary to becoming and staying physically fit.

Enter the Walkablock concept
The Walkablock Club of America, although semi-dormant since 1987, has remained my dream over the years--a dream whose time has arrived! The Internet has opened many doors of possibilities to dreamers such as myself, and I am taking full advantage of this good fortune, in creating a club that is all I ever envisioned. This may seem a little idealistic, SO BE IT. With the spark rekindled, all that is necessary are people to share in the dream of
America Walking Together.

Together, we can make WALKABLOCK CLUB OF AMERICA the club where average people across the US are walking their way to
above average lives as friends.
Walk,  even if you only Walkablock

Sybil and IThis is a picture of my, now, wife Sybil and I when we met in 1998,
Me and my SonsThis is a picture of my sons and me at Christmas 1998
Me shaking hands with Pres. Bush This is me shaking hands with President Bush after the White House BBQ.
The White House Chef is in the background.
Group picture at the White HouseThis is our Team picture in 1989 at the white house when we did a Texas BBQ for the President and 1000 attendees.
That's me next to the Chef.
Group picture with Mary KayThis is our Team picture in 1986, taken with Mary Kay Ashe, of Mary Kay Cosmetics, at the first of four conventions we did for her.
Me next to Mary Kay, on her left

"Walk Happy & Be Healthy"