The Walkablock Club of America

What type of thought processing do you have?

Please obtain a piece of paper and a pen to mark down your answers before starting. Answer these 12 questions with a yes or a no, do not read into the questions, simply answer as objectively as possible. Nothing to hide, nothing to prove and be yourself.

1. Do you act only when you have every single fact?
2. Do you ever make decisions out of fear?
3. Do you tend to demand a guarantee of success before you begin a new project?
4. Do you look for reasons why something canít be done instead of concentrating on ways in which it can be done?
5. Do you believe human nature canít really be modified and an individual canít change his own life?
6. If you canít visualize a solution to a problem, are you inclined to reject it?
7. Do you immediately point out the disadvantages of an idea before you point out the advantages?
8. Do you imagine the opposition you will experience rather than imagining the support you might expect when beginning a new project?
9. Do you tend to resist new ideas and approaches to solutions and prefer to do things the way youíve always done them?
10. Do you ever close your mind and lockout a new suggestion before hearing the full explanation to a new challenge?
11. Do you ever reject a new idea simply because you disagree with it, or because you have already made other plans?
12. Do you ever make negative decisions because of fatigue and itís easier than challenging the opposition?

***Please scroll down for assessment definition.***

These questions are here to make you think about, how YOU think, and whether or not there is any room for new and positive thought. If you answered most of the questions in the affirmative, then chances are very good that you tend to be suffering from an impossibility complex.