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Change your clothes and get out there and walk with a friend!


Hello. Remember Me? Some people call me Old Glory, others call me the Star Spangled Banner, but whatever they call me, I am your flag, the flag of the United States of America. Something has been bothering me, so I thought I might talk it over with you-because it is about you and me. I remember some time ago, people would line up on both sides of the street to watch the parade, and naturally, I was leading every one, proudly waving in the breeze. When your daddy saw me coming, he immediately removed his hat and placed it against his left shoulder so that his hand was directly over his heart-remember? And you, I remember, were standing there, straight as a soldier. You didn't have a hat, but you were giving the right salute. Remember your little sister? Not to be outdone, she was saluting the same as you with her hand over her heart-remember? What happened? I'm still the same old flag. Oh, I've added a few more stars since you were a boy, and a lot more blood has been shed since those parades of long ago. But now, somehow, I don't feel as proud as I used to feel. When I come down your street, you just stand there with your hands in your pockets. You may give me a small glance, but then you look away. I see children running around shouting: they don't seem to know who I am. I saw one man take his hat off, then he looked around, and when he didn't see anybody else take off their hat, he quickly put his on again. Is it a sin to be patriotic today? Have you forgotten what I stand for and where I have been? Anzio. Guadalcanal, Korea and Vietnam! Take a look at the memorial honor rolls, and see the names of those patriotic Americans who gave their lives to keep this republic free. When you salute me, you are actually saluting them. Well, it won't be long until I'll be coming down your street again. So when you see me, please stand straight and place your hand over your heart, and I'll know you remembered. I'll salute you by waving back.


Paul Harvey read this Letter to the Editor on his news cast a couple of weeks ago. It was tracked down on the internet through the San Angelo Standard - Times; give them full credit for this article. 4/27/99 How can we blame it all on guns? For the life of me, I can't understand what could have gone wrong in Littleton, Colorado. If only the parents had kept their children away from the guns, we wouldn't have had such a tragedy. Yeah, it must have been the guns. It couldn't have been because of half our children being raised in broken homes. It couldn't have been because our children get to spend an average of 30 seconds in meaningful conversation with their parents each day. After all, we give our children quality time. It couldn't have been because we treat our children as pets and our pets as children. It couldn't have been because we place our children in day care centers where they learn their socialization skills among their peers under the law of the jungle while employees who have no vested interest in the children look on and make surethat no blood is spilled. It couldn't have been because we allow our children to watch, on the average, seven hours of television a day filled with the glorification of sex and violence that isn't fit for adult consumption. It couldn't have been because we allow our children to enter into virtual worlds in which, to win the game, one must kill as many opponents as possible in the most sadistic way possible. It couldn't have been because we have sterilized and contracepted our families down to sizes so small that the children we do have are so spoiled with material things that they come to equate the receiving of the material with love.Nah, it must have been the guns. It couldn't have been because our children, who historically have been seen as a blessing from God, are now being viewed as either a mistake created when contraception fails or inconveniences that parents try to raise in their spare time. It couldn't have been because we give two-year prison sentences to teenagers who kill their newborns. It couldn't have been because our school systems teach the children that they are nothing but glorified apes who have evolutionized out of some primordial soup of mud by teaching evolution as fact and by handing out condoms as if they were candy. It couldn't have been because we teach our children that there are no laws of morality that transcend us, that everything is relative and that actions don't have consequences. What the heck, the president gets away with it. Nah, it must have been the guns??       "Walkablock with the family, take the time!"
 It's like anything else,
#1. You have to want to do it.
#2. Take it a day at a time.
#3 Don't forget you have a goal. Write it down and put it on your mirrors, fridge, steering wheel etc.!(Keep it in mind)
"Plan your work then work your plan"

Walking for fun, and with friends, is the foundation of a perfect life.

Walking with friends and aquaintances is what makes people grow and develop responsible social maturity.

Developing responsible maturity jostles the soul and nurtures the spirit while opening the heart.

"Happiness" is walking along the railroad tracks with nothing to do but think and visualize about the mighty trains of years gone by.

Walkers burn more calories 
Walking is one of the best ways there is to stay totally fit. In fact, studies show that walkers traveling faster than five miles an hour actually burn twice as many calories as runners going the same speed.
Warming up before the stroll  
When exercising, don't stretch before you warm up. Research shows that warming up first helps protect cold muscles from injury during stretching. Muscles stretch further and with less strain when they are warm. Break a sweat, but don't overexert yourself during a pre-training warm-up. Five to ten minutes of progressively faster walking or other activity should do nicely.


My body adapts quicker than I may think because it is the nature of my body to hunger for activity, AND I will develop, from satisfying that hunger.
Life is about growth, if down I lie, I will die, if I get up and go, I will grow.
If my mind draws still, I lose my will, if my mind opens for thought, I will be taught.
If my energy is down, I feel the frown.
ENTHUSIASM is my key, a higher level I WILL BE.