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WELCOME To The Walkablock.Com Wellness Program

Theory & Practice is Written in First Person for Self Acknowledgment

This program is designed for the average person either beginner or RE-BEGINNER. It will restore me both physically and mentally. It is not an overnight success story, nor will it make me an olympic athlete. The purpose of this program is for me to meet myself physically and feed my body with exercise and movement that it would not normally receive. It is a total body/mind program. In my normal daily life my body is put to use doing things that work the same muscles every day and leave the rest of my muscles virtually unused. There is muscle under every square inch of my skin, and in order to tone and strengthen my muscles I need blood flow to nourish my muscle tissue. In order to have full blood flow through my body it is necessary to exercise all of my muscle groups. By working these muscles I aid in the transfer of blood to all parts of my body. Blood transports oxygen through my life system, and carries away used blood to my lungs and lymph system for cleansing and rejuvenation. Good blood circulation and healthy blood build healthy body tissues in all areas of my body.

(FACT:) Many people comment that they are too lazy or that they do not have time for exercise, while others start a program after not exercising in years and go at it far to vigorously at first and through the next week suffer massive body soreness and consequently they discontinue the program they so enthusiastically began. This is a complete waste of time, do we agree?

When I begin my program I will have a series of exercises written down so that I can see them and follow them daily. My program should be set up so that all areas of my body receive attention. My exercise should be at a pace that I set for myself. At the start-up of my program, I will exercise alone. Competition in the beginning tends to get me off track of my goals.
I will accomplish certain objectives when beginning my program;
    o   I will develop a daily routine, to be performed at my own pace, systematically and effectively.
    o   I will DECIDE WHEN I will begin, then I will stick to my decision.
    o   I WILL BEGIN!
By doing this I will develop a healthier respect for my body and for my innermost self which will lead to a sense of self-accomplishment, mental alertness, self-confidence, increased self-esteem, and less pain.

Since full body activity hasn't been a part of my daily routine for a while, I must face the fact that my body will fight back. The reason for setting my own pace and routine, is to bypass as much body soreness as possible. If I only do one repetition or walk for 5 minutes that's fine. If I do 25 repetitions or walk for 30 minutes, that's fine as well. I will simply figure out exactly what I can handle, pace myself, not be in a hurry, get and stay started, and at this point my patience will prevail.

The saying, "no pain, no gain" may hold true in many facets of life, however, in starting my physical conditioning and rebuilding program, pain can make me extremely miserable if I over do it. I will wait until my body is accustomed to my new routine before I push my limits.

The idea is to learn my own physical limitations, capabilities, and develop my routine within them. After a month of training on this program I will feel proud and probably begin demanding more of myself. The determination, stamina, and willpower I develop along the way would encourage one to quit bad habits, such as smoking, overeating, over consumption of alcohol, and non activity, etc. which are all obstacles in the way of total fitness.

What I am doing is spending 30 minutes a day on myself, by myself, to understand myself. The greatest barrier between me and fitness is my motivation to take off my street clothes and put on my workout clothes and to workout on a daily basis. My motivation is hindered by the thought of pain or non pleasure envolved in my new activity. If I Follow the guidelines the pain will be minimal if any. My new attitude will allow me to feel my best and equate this new activity to a pleasurable experience.

It is extremely helpful to plan my conditioning period a day in advance. After I finish my exercises for the day, I decide then and there what time I will begin my program for the next day. Or, I can plan my whole week at once. After following my plan for a week I will have begun to start a good work habit which I will continue for atleast 3 weeks without fail. The new and positive habits I form are the keystone to my success. This will put me on the road to my initial objective, to get started changing my life and my level of physical activity and fitness.

One key to my success is doing my physical activities properly with good form and correctly. I can't become lazy and move sloppily. I must be consistant in my workouts and use good form with a motivated attitude and my goals in mind at all times. Eventually my body will begin to react by telling me it can handle my current level of fitness. That's what is called body language (ha ha)?? At that point I must re-establish my number of repetitions or level of activity. Some forms of activity take longer to perfect but it gets easier as I persist, because I begin to feel the physical and mental changes occuring in my body.

My body adapts quicker than I may think because it is the nature of my body to hunger for activity, AND I will develop, from satisfying that hunger.
Life is about growth, if down I lie, I will die, if I get up and go, I will grow. If my mind draws still, I lose my will, if my mind opens for thought, I will be taught.
If my energy is down, I feel the frown.
Enthusiasm is my key, a higher level I will be.