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Monthly Fitness Articles
"August 2000"


"Design Your Future With
Compelling Health/ Fitness Goals!!!!!"

By James Spicer

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Why do we set goals? Get pumped up about them? Then slowly let them slip away?

There's a way to ensure that your goals become a reality.
1) Create an abundance of emotion that will give you the DRIVE to achieve your goal.
2) Use your goals to pressure yourself, (in a positive way) feeding your drive.
3) Review your goals each and every day.
4) Set and readjust goals at least 2 times per year (be flexible, and change your approach as many times as it takes).
5) REMEMBER as you think (FOCUS ON) so you become.
6) Write down all you will gain from achieving your goals, and internalize it daily.
7) Ask yourself why your committed to making it happen, associate the ultimate pleasure you will get from achieving your goals.

With any goal you wish to achieve there will be challenges and setbacks
(DO NOT!) let that discourage you.

Commitment, focus and patience will be the answer.
I have adopted questions I ask myself when any problem (which I call a challenge) comes up, so that I have a way to work through them.

1) What is great or could be great about this challenge?
2) How can I make this challenge perfect? (Presupposing that it will be perfect)
3) What am I committed to do to make it the way I want it?
4) What am I willing to GIVE UP in order to make it the way I want it?
5) How can I enjoy the journey, while I do what I EXPECT AND DEMAND of myself, to make it the way I want it.

As any challenge comes up in life, whether it be with your body, mind or spirit, with these 5 problem solving questions you’re on your way to fulfilling your destiny that GOD has intended for you.

Warmest Regards James