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The "Walkablock WALK"


The Walkablock - "Way To Walk"

In 1985 when I originally came up with the Walkablock idea, I remembered back to a friend I had in high school that gave me the inspiration for developing this idea. He was a 400 runner {once around the track}. He was naturally a stiff guy as was I. I never forgot his way of staying limber while running. He explained that he would touch his thumb to his index finger, ever so lightly, and concentrate on this relaxed state. As this calmed him down, he would then go out and run his race, continuing to hold his hands in this position. He had tremendous success with this process. It definitely worked for him and as I tried it, it worked for Me.

BEGIN:    As you walk touch your thumbs and index fingers together, like feathers touching,  the rest of your hands may feel a little tickling in them.

Now, rotate your wrists and forearms with palms up {Do NOT force this rotation}. This rotation aids in proper shoulder position for correct posture and opens up the chest for freer breathing. 
{Think,  Good Posture,  Unrestricted Breathing,  and Good Blood Flow, equals a Healthy YOU! }

Stand with your arms down and by your sides then flex your forearms, at the elbows, up to about 45 degrees.

When you walk your arms should swing like a pendulum on every step and your hands {fingers in position} should swing or rock back to even with your hips.

You should get a good arm swing going but keep it steady and smooth, relative to the walking strides you normally take.

Walk briskly keeping your shoulders straight and slightly cocked back.

Your pace is dictated by YOUR goals.

As you WALK the WALK you will begin to see others walking the walk and you will know you have fellow Walkablock Club Members in your midst.

Our goal is  America Walking Together.
WALK the WALK even if you only Walkablock.

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