The Walkablock Club of America


{Terms and Conditions}


The purpose of this WABC program is to offer a tangibly useful and deep discounted savings program to our WABC members. "Saving money or time, in any form, is good for your mental health"
Remember, this WABC Benefits Program is a privilage not a right.

Please read and follow the terms and conditions so you receive the maximum and most complete possible benefit allowed.


1. The offerings made by the participating merchants are to give you, the member, value and saving on products and services. If, for some reason, the merchant is not willing to give the discount or savings offered in our listing, you decide whether or not you want to purchase the product or service, but please DO NOT ARGUE with the merchant. You may teleplone us immediately at 800 721-7126 or e-mail us at and we will contact the merchant to resolve the problem.

2. Please be sure to make the merchant aware that you are a WABC member and give your membership I.D. number as back-up authorization to plan membership.

3. Sales items are always excluded, as well as grouping discounts with your membership discount, unless otherwise stated.

4. If you have any doubt about the discounted offering at a given business, PLEASE ask for help to avoid embarrassing situations.

5. There will be limitations to the different offerings. Please be aware of them by carefully reading each offer.

6. The Walkablock Club is not responsible in the event that a participating merchant is unable to honor its agreed discount to the membership. Walkablock will do its best to up-date its merchants network to replace those that, for some reason, decide to discontinue their offering. Walkablock will also continue to add more and more savings benefits to the program as time goes on.

7. Taxes may or may not be collected on the discounted portion of the sale. This is a preference left up to the provider, depending on how their books are set up.

8. By failing to follow our terms and conditions, we will have merchants not wanting to participate inour program in future years. They are people too, so lets support each other. Life works better that way.

9. This program exists because the merchants agree to offer part of their profits to give you better service or value with the hope of generating volume sales to help offset their discounts. Please respect their position by not asking for special exceptions or substitutions on their advertized offerings.

Thank You,

Bob Arnett, Founder
"Walkablock Club of America"   AMERICA'S CLUB