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"March 2000"


"Spot Reducing,Toning And Firming"

By James Spicer

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Iím always being asked from men
"how do I lose my love handles or my spare tire"? The women ask me "how do I get rid of the fat on my butt, hips and thighs"?

Unfortunately you cannot spot reduce.

Even though, if you ask most people, they know or they have heard that itís impossible to reduce in those areas alone. Worse than that, most but not all, of the personal trainers that I have observed will tell them what they want to hear as well as giving them exercises that are supposed to help tone these areas. Bottom line is, You can not tone fat.
This is the misconception that people are conditioned to believe that these exercises/machines will firm, tone and reduce the body where you want it.
All of us are individually genetically programmed to carry a certain amount of fat in certain areas of our bodies. Most women tend to carry their fat around their hips and legs and most men carry their fat around their midsections.
We have all seen women with petite upper bodies and large lower bodies and men with large bellies and bird legs. In order to lose fat from any area on our body, we must be in what is called an (energy deficit) this simply means that we must take in less calories than we burn.
For example if we burn 2500 calories a day, including exercise, but we only take in 2000 calories, then our body has a reason to use itís fat storeage to make up the 500-calorie deficit. Your probably asking yourself where on the body will the fat come off first?
The answer is nobody knows and unfortunately it canít be controlled by a specific exercise.
The great thing is if you are exercising consistently as well as eating proper nutrients and the right amount of calories that are proper for your energy deficit, you WILL lose fat without losing muscle. For some it may come off in desirable places first and for others it may not. Bottom line, fat comes from whatever area you were genetically programmed to lose it first. This is where most people have problems because they focus on losing the weight in their troubled areas first. When they donít see the results fast enough they get discouraged and disempower themselves and start to believe that it won't happen for them.
Just remember it will happen for you as long as you stay committed, consistent and continually focus on your outcome.
I hope this article was informative and that you have picked up a few strategies to push you beyond and to the next level of health and fitness.
Have faith in yourself and others and you will go far.

Warmest regards,

James Spicer,