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"September 2000"


"Visual Conditioning For Success"

By James Spicer

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The most profound power you can give yourself is the ability to produce results in advance.

Actually it's very easy,
most very successful people have been known to use this concept on a consistent basis to produce the result they want.

Jerry Rice, wide receiver of the San Francisco 49ers was quoted in an interview saying, before each and every game he goes through in his head, his catches that he will make for the game, touchdowns he will score as well how he will celebrate after he crosses the goal line.
I, myself, role model people like Jerry. While Iím working out or doing my cardio I focus and see in my head the ultimate James Spicer, how I want to look, walk and talk as well as seeing others reaction to me.

Let's try something that will strengthen your power to visualize your success. Whether youíre trying to add more lean muscle mass, or trying to lose weight, or even trying to find the woman or man of your dreams.
It all starts with what outcome you desire. After you find what you want, fix a picture of what you MUST have in your head (Like your watching a movie on T.V.) and run it and watch your dreams develop before your eyes. Run it over and over until you have conditioned a new pattern.

See, hear and feel your results, expect and demand your outcome.

Set yourself up to win, along with what your picturing in your mind, adjust your bodies own physiology.

Start with your posture, strong breathing, put a smile on your face as to create a positive emotion for your outcome, fast confident moves, strong voice incantations, like
I must, I can, I will.

Do this on a daily basis and you will tap into your power to turn the INVISIBLE into the VISIBLE!!!

It is my hope that you can use these techniques to make your dreams a reality.

Warmest Regards James