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"September 99"



By James Spicer

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I'M glad to be back from my
Tony Robbins seminar.

Bob Arnett, the Founder of walkablock asked me to talk about my empowering weekend, which is, entitled
Unleash The Power Within.

This year I was fortunate enough to be selected to staff this outstanding event.
It all started Thursday night when we all gathered to find out what jobs we would be doing to support Tony and insure that the weekend was a success.
I had two jobs, one of my jobs was to build the fire lanes that was covered with hot burning coals, that everyone would be walking over. It was a incredible experience because without us on the fire team the life changing transformation could not have happened, so I was obviously honored to be apart of that.
It was a funny feeling as I watched 2000 plus people walk over the coals one after another, the tears rolled out of my eyes as I remembered my first experience as I walked over the coals, as it changed my life and altered my destiny. This was a real long night, since I live close I drove back and forth, But even with that convenience it was still four 0'clock until I got into bed. Four hours later I was up and back in the city to lend my support.

My second job would be the main door guard; my job would be to greet people as they came in and out of the door and keep them pumped up with a high-five, handshake or a hug, you know let the love flow!

Saturday would be another long day, approximately 17 hours. You might think that too long to sit and listen to someone talking, but to be honest with you itís like a rock n roll concert. It's entertainment with life changing education. Some of the things he talks about is how to control pain and pleasure instead of letting pain and pleasure control you.
State management, the power of focus, values and beliefs. (the source of success and failure)
He also talks about a new way to set and achieve goals and the power of rituals. (success conditioning) At the end of this day you feel that your life has new meaning as well as a plan.
Sunday is the most powerful part of the program, which he teaches you to release the most limiting beliefs that you have that is holding you back from succeeding and replaces it with a new and empowering belief. I wonít tell you how it's done, but I will tell you that it's one of the most incredible and humbling experiences of your life. This was a 15 hour day.

The last day was one of the most important days where Tony discusses living health. A brief summery of what he talks about, which I've totally adopted myself. As I talked about last month with the importance of breathing and eating water enriched foods. The main change is to delete meat and poultry. Alot of body builders and personal trainers would disagree as I did at first, but I am convinced it is the only way to eat to have total health as well as help reverse the aging process. Being a body builder and personal trainer, I rely on allot of protein to feed my muscles, and I found out a way to support my lean muscle mass without consuming hormonal, polluted toxic meat.
If your main focus is to get healthy, why would you put poison in your body?

I can help anyone thatís interested in saving their life as it relates to nutrition. This was a summary of my powerful weekend and I'm honored to share it with you.

I wish you all the very best and may GOD be with you.
Remember to always raise your standards and live in the state of Passion. If you do this you will always be successful.
Remember to eat well and continue your walking.

Warmest regards,

James Spicer,