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Stuffed like a Turkey !

By James Spicer

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As it relates to working out and staying fit, Thanksgiving seems to be more of a unempowering social event than a time when we all should give thanks and be grateful for what we have.
Why is it that we feel the need to diet all year and then totally become non-conscious on this one day of the year, then the next thirty days we constantly complain about the ten pounds we need to get rid of.

Lets look at the two strategies I use to stay in outstanding shape.

Strategy #1  I either increase my cardio maybe by 30 minutes a day (7 days a week) and totally clean up my diet, low carbs pre contest type of regiment for at least 3 weeks and then on Thanksgiving I indulge and enjoy but "not stuff" !!! Then the day after Thanksgiving Iím back on my diet 110%.

Strategy #2  is a real tough one; this is what I call the lightly grazing approach.
We are talking about cutting your portion size in half, keeping the carbs and the fats down and protein high. My plate might look like 2 to 3 portions of turkey variety of steamed or fresh vegetables and plenty of liquids, preferably water.
You might think that is totally boring but with the right company and knowing that by being disciplined you are creating a body that only people dream about. It starts with expecting and demanding more from yourself than anybody possibly can and as you FOCUS on this you simultaneously raised your standards.
The only difference between those great bodies that you aspire to be like, and yourself, is that they hold themselves to a higher standard more consistently.
So now that we know how a great body is created all we have to do is duplicate it.
That's easy enough right?

Start by raising your standards and develop consistency and don't put unwanted pressure on yourself to get in shape in 3 to 6 months when it took you a lifetime to get out of shape.

Just remember everything that you do today, tomorrow and even next week is ultimately paving your destiny!!!!

My challenge to you is to have an incredible and outstanding Thanksgiving with your loved ones and I want you to tell one person what you are grateful for and how that makes you feel.

As well as commit to a new millennium standard that will change your life and others.
Please have a safe and eventful Thanksgiving.

Warmest regards,

James Spicer,