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"January 2000"


"Incorporate that Incredible feeling!!!"

By James Spicer

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"A New Start"
I hope everyone had a safe and joyous holiday. I especially love the Christmas holiday. It brings out the goodness in each of us because it allows us to focus on others, instead of ourselves thus the joys of Christmas and GOD enter our lives and we experience ultimate pleasure.
My challenge to you is to incorporate that incredible feeling by conditioning yourself to feel that way all year round. The biggest thing in my life that I've learned is whatever you focus on is absolutely what you get, in your body and in your mind. If you focus on all the painful things in your life you will relive that pain over and over again. If you focus on all the great things in your life and all the potential and great possibilities as well as whom can I help and how can I contribute to the greater good, you will experience ultimate joy.
My question to you is; which one of these states are you committed to living on a daily basis?
If your affiliated with Walkablock Club of America I know your committed to living in the state of (I CAN) constant and never-ending improvement. (The strategy I use and have used for over two years that has changed my life, which I've learned from the great Tony Robbins are "power morning questions". !)
1.) What am I happiest about in my life right now, and how does that make me feel?
2.) What am I excited about in my life right now, and how does that make me feel?
3.) What am I proud of in my life right now and how does that make me feel?
4.) What am I grateful for in my life right now and how does that make me feel?
5.) What am I committed to in my life right now and how does that make me feel?

Give two answers for each question every day. Do this for three weeks (21 days) the habits of this ritual will blow your mind. You will look forward to waking up; instead of the feelings of being tired and asking yourself why do I have to get up?

I want to talk about the principles of the mind-body connection.
1.) The mind has tremendous power over the body and it is stated that less than 3 to 5% of our brain is utilized
2.) A depressed immune system is the result of stress, which is the result of disempowering eating ad sleeping patterns, as well as habitual poor physiology and or focus.
3.) Anger and resentment are physical poisons to the body. Realize that stress is entirely your view on how you interpret events. Your thoughts create a direct physical effect on your body.
4.) Fear compromises your immune system.
5.) Develop empowering beliefs, like your power morning questions that will condition you to know that there is always a way if your committed.
6.) Create passion in your body, mind and how you approach your health and fitness challenges and watch the change manifest in your life.
7.) Create a compelling future, I do this by creating constant joy for others and myself and push myself to continually grow and expand thus allowing myself to give more back to others.
8.) Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, when you live in the state of being grateful and give to others that are less fortunate than you are, you develop the energy cycle called prosperity.

Use these power questions and the principles of mind-body connection to push you to the next level of living.

Please review my past articles on diet and nutrition and incorporate this article and you will have what it takes to live a long and fruitful life.

It has been my honor to be able to contribute to your life and I wish you all a prosperous and goal related New Year.

Warmest regards,

James Spicer,