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By Michelle Gagnon of Infinity Training and

by James Spicer of  Neuro-Fit


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BIO for Michelle Gagnon, Fitness trainer, ACE, AIS

Michelle Gagnon is the founder of Infinity Personal Training, recently voted “Best in the Bay Area” by the San Francisco Chronicle. She has been certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise, and is trained in AIS stretching. Michelle specializes in training victims of Arthritis, Repetitive Stress Injury, and Sciatica. She also conducts prenatal exercise seminars for San Francisco based Adventurous Woman Sports. In addition to running Infinity and training her clients, Michelle has written articles for Online Partners, and is a professional fitness model that has done ads for Converse, Gold’s Gym, and New York Black Book magazine. She lives in San Francisco and works throughout the Bay Area   e-mail at

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BIO for James Spicer, Fitness trainer, NCPF

James Spicer is the founder of Fit2U Mobile Fitness and has been a Personal Fitness trainer for ten years. He has been involved in competitive bodybuilding for 8 years. He has also been deeply involved with the Pacific coast Sports ALL-STAR Training Camp. His educational reference is with The National Council on Physical Fitness (NCPF) and his specialties are in weightlifting, baseball, football, soccer, aerobic training, nutrition and fat loss. James is a seasoned athlete with one thing on his mind and that is, You guessed it, Health and well being.
e-mail at

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"James Spicer"

This was taken September 1998 in San francisco  :{NPC} : National Physique Committee Where I came in second place. It felt outstanding to be in the best shape of my life at almost 40 years old.

From July 27 thru Aug 3, I will be working the "Unleash The power Within" weekend with Tony Robbins. I am looking forward to this weekend and it will be extremely empowering for me.

Self Improvement and Empowerment are areas of our lives we have a choice with.
Stick with Walkablock and begin making that choice, NOW!!

Your Dream is your Momentum!!